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Transforming Conflict Through Insight – An Advanced Workshop for Practitioners

With Dr. Cheryl Picard, founder of Insight Mediation

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

About This Session

This 2-day advanced workshop is led by the founder of Insight Mediation, Dr. Cheryl Picard.  A unique opportunity for conflict practitioners who have already been introduced to theInsight Approach, this workshop will take your knowledge to a deeper level and help you more effectively apply the Insight Approach in your work. You will learn to more effectively intervene with conflicting parties, using a theoretically informed practice, enhancing their capacity and desire to understand one another through the generation of new insights and decisions that ultimately transform the conflict. 


Session Cost

$500.00 CAD

Plus tax

Session Program

This small group workshop will offer interactive, intensive training for experienced collabroative practitioners and mediators.  You will be expected to do advanced reading on the Insight Approach to Conflict as this will be an advanced training in the approach.

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Session Cost

$500.00 CAD

Plus tax
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Meet The Trainers

Dr. Cheryl Picard Founder of Insight Mediation

Prince Edward Island, Canada

Over the last four decades, Dr. Cheryl Picard, professor emeritus Carleton University, has worked as a conflict practitioner, mediator, academic and researcher. Her strengths lie in being a “pracademic”, which means she skillfully facilitates theoretically informed experiential, reflexive and adult learning. Dr. Picard’s most recent books, Practicing Insight Mediation (2016) and Transforming Conflict through Insight (2008) advance the theory and skills of Insight mediation and the Insight approach to conflict - an approach recently acclaimed as the “fourth pillar of mediation practice” given its profound view of how conflicts are caused and how to solve them. Visit Cheryl's website at