Jacinta Gallant is a collaborative lawyer, mediator, trainer and presenter in
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

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ONLINE - What's YOUR Type?

Know Yourself - Understand Others - Be More Effective - Closed for Registration

ONLINE via Zoom

About This Event

Understanding more about your personality type helps with understanding others, which leads to better management of relationships, which helps all of us collaborate to get the job done. 

But lawyers work within an adversarial system that does not always value relationship.  Are we different from everyone else?  Find out in this interactive workshop with Kirstin Lund, of Collaboration School, and Jacinta Gallant, of Innovation for Lawyers.

Part 1 - ALL ABOUT YOU!   You will complete your own MBTI personality type assessment with Kirstin Lund, a certified assessor in the Myers Briggs Type Inventory. Kirstin will do a 1 hour one-on-one coaching session with each participant to help you understand more about YOU.

Part 2 - HOW TYPES INTERACT.   Kirstin and Jacinta will lead a 2-hour group exploration of the various dimensions of personality type, and how they interact in conflict situations. You will learn about others' types, and discover whether lawyers have a "type" after all.  

Part 3 - HOW WE CAN USE TYPE IN OUR CASES. Jacinta will lead a 2-hour online session exploring how we can use our knowledge of Personality Type in our work - "in the room" and in the moment. 

Part 4 - FINAL DISCUSSION. Kirstin and Jacinta will lead a 2-hour session to bring together how types interact and how you can use your new-found knowledge. 


Event Cost

$500.00 CAD

Event Program

Part 1: May 20 - June 15 - Kirstin will send a link for each participant to complete the MBTI assessment and schedule the coaching calls with each participant. This must be completed before the first group session.  This will take about 2 hours of your time.


Part 2: July 13 - Group Session #1 with Kirstin and Jacinta at noon EST (2 hours)

Part 3: July 15 - Group Session #2 with Jacinta at noon EST (2 hours)

Part 4: July 17 - Group Session #3 with Kirstin and Jacinta at noon EST (2 hours)



Event Accommodations

Grab a cuppa and join us from your home.  We wish we could iinvite you to the beach, but not this year!

Meet The Trainers

Jacinta Gallant, B.A.., J.D. Collaborative Lawyer and Trainer

Prince Edward Island, Canada

Jacinta Gallant is a respected collaborative lawyer, conflict trainer and innovator in her field. She is recognized internationally for her insightful and experiential approach to teaching and managing conflict, and has been welcomed as a trainer throughout North America, Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia. Jacinta is founder and President of Innovation for Lawyers Inc., dedicated to helping lawyers integrate their personal and professional values and be more effective in their work. As principal lawyer at Waterstone Law Group, she brings wisdom, creativity and intelligence to her collaborative law and mediation practice. She loves working with conflict professionals at all levels of experience to help them be more natural and effective working with conflict. rnrn“Bring more of you to what you do” and join Jacinta for conflict training that will transform your practice.

Kirstin Lund, B.A., J.D. Conflict Coach, Mediator, Trainer

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Since leaving her law practice in 1996 to become a full-time mediator, collaborative facilitator and conflict coach, Kirstin has trained thousands of people in conflict resolution, collaboration and communication skills. Developing and applying specialized collaboration skills and process with clients and in her own life has led Kirstin to the understanding that when you focus on building good relationships and finding solutions that meet the needs of all involved, conflict and stress can very often be avoided. Collaboration isn’t always easy, but the feelings of fulfillment and satisfaction at work, home and play are a constant reminder that it’s worth the effort.rn