Jacinta Gallant is a collaborative lawyer, mediator, trainer and presenter in
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

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VANCOUVER - Our Family in Two Homes

Training for Collaborative Practitioners

Vancouver, British Columbia

About This Event

This is a training for Collaborative Professionals who want to offer Our Family in Two Homes to separating couples to ensure the healthiest possible transition to two homes. We will work on skills, approaches and insights from Jacinta Gallant, the creator of Our Family in Two Homes.

This event is for members of Collaborative Divorce Vancouver and  the BC Collaborative Roster Society - both existing and potential licensees of the Our Family in Two Homes Resource Package. It is free of charge to potential licensees.

In this one-day training, you will learn:

  • how to work with clients in CP or mediation using the Our Family in Two Homes Workbook 

  • how to engage more meaningfully with clients and your CP team, using the Workbook as the foundation to support the conversations that matter

  • how to utilize the marketing and branding tools created specifically for the Our Family in Two Homes Resource Package

  • practical ways to offer a resource package that provides better service,more productive engagement and cost-efficiencies for clients; and

  • business tips to ensure your work is highly valued by clients and rewarding to your bottom line.

Event Program

10:00 Introduction and Discussion:  What isn't CP the mainstream choice for separating couples?  

10:30 The Our Family in Two Homes Workbook - How and Why?   

11:00  Discussion - How does self-reflection and preparation make for better cases?

11:30 Working with the Workbook Themes: Communication and Conflict Styles and Patterns

12:00 Lunch on your own

1:00 Working with the Workbook Themes:  Trust. Values. Insights. Money Personality

2:00 Making this work in your practice - tips for pricing and explaining a resource package 

2:30 Standing out as an innovator who cares - branding and marketing matters

3:00 Bringing in the CP Team

4:00 Closing Discussion

4:30 Finished for the day


Event Accommodations

FInd your own accomodations in and around Vancouver, please. 

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Meet The Trainers

Jacinta Gallant, B.A. LLB. Collaborative Lawyer and Trainer

Prince Edward Island, Canada

Jacinta is a collaborative lawyer, mediator and trainer living in Prince Edward island, Canada. “Never cut what can be untied” is the inspiration for Jacinta’s work, and “untangling knots” has been the focus of Jacinta’s highly successful collaborative and mediation practice. Jacinta is an engaging and energetic trainer in the local, national and international Collaborative Practice community. She loves the challenge of working with experienced professionals who want to deepen their skills to be more natural and authentic in practice. With a great sense of humour and a highly interactive presentation, Jacinta offers collaborative training that will help you transform your practice.