Jacinta Gallant is a collaborative lawyer, mediator, trainer and presenter in
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

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European Family Law and Mediation Conference

Deepening Without Drowning: Accessing Hope, Understanding Threats and Breathing Fresh Air

Paris, France

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Have you ever been stumped, and discouraged, by the continuing and sometimes escalating couple conflict at the collaborative table - despite the sincere efforts of the professional team?  Do you sometimes feel like your "case" is drowning and you are desperate for an oxygen tank?  
In this workshop, we will learn how asking about the parties' hopes and diving deeply into their perceived threats can bring fresh air to a collaborative case. Working with the "Insight Approach" to conflict, we will learn to notice and respond to conflict behaviours rather than what the conflict is about. We will learn how and when to ask questions to unearth the threats that escalate and sustain conflict, without provoking it, and how to use what is learned to promote an authentic shift from conflict to collaboration, without forcing or faking it.

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Jacinta Gallant, B.A. J.D. Collaborative Lawyer and Trainer

Prince Edward Island, Canada

Jacinta Gallant is a respected collaborative lawyer, conflict trainer and innovator in her field. She is recognized internationally for her insightful and experiential approach to teaching and managing conflict, and has been welcomed as a trainer throughout North America, Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia. Jacinta is founder and President of Innovation for Lawyers Inc., dedicated to helping lawyers integrate their personal and professional values and be more effective in their work. As principal lawyer at Waterstone Law Group, she brings wisdom, creativity and intelligence to her collaborative law and mediation practice. She loves working with conflict professionals at all levels of experience to help them be more natural and effective working with conflict. rnrn“Bring more of you to what you do” and join Jacinta for conflict training that will transform your practice.