Jacinta teams up with friends and colleagues to deliver interdisciplinary team training that
will help you launch or deepen your collaborative practice

Interdisciplinary Team Training

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Gaylene A. Stingl, MST, CPA, CVA
Principal, Blau-Himmel LLC

Gaylene has over 20 years of CPA experience working in litigation support, forensic and business valuation. Gaylene is an international speaker and trainer for such audiences as the Wisconsin Judicial Conference, International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, Collaborative Family Law Council of Wisconsin, various European collaborative conferences, NBI tax seminars and other professional groups, presenting on tax, valuation and dispute resolution. She has extensive experience training interdisciplinary groups in the State of Wisconsin, Michigan, California, New Mexico, Illinois and Massachusetts. She has also provided training presentations in Vancouver, Toronto and Charlottetown PEI, as well as in Scotland and Italy on interdisciplinary dispute resolution.

Barbara E. Kelly, Ph D.

Barbara is a licensed psychologist and certified family mediator in Maitland, Florida. She is a current board member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals and a founding board member of the Collaborative Family Law Group of Central Florida. She has been collaboratively trained since 2004 and trained as a neutral mental health professional since 2007. She is in private practice providing clinical and forensic psychological services including parenting coordination, family mediation, psychotherapy and psychological evaluation. She has presented at the local, state and national levels regarding Collaborative practice.

Jacinta Gallant, B.A. LLB.

Jacinta is a Collaborative lawyer, mediator and trainer living in Charlottetown, Prince Edward island, Canada. Jacinta is an insightful and engaging trainer in the local, national and international Collaborative Practice community. She loves the challenge of working with skilled professionals who want to deepen their skills to be more natural and authentic in practice. With a great sense of humour, and lots of experience from “lessons learned”, Jacinta offers collaborative training that will help you transform your practice.

Introductory Workshops

Introduction to Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice

In this interactive workshop focused on family law issues, lawyers, mental health professionals, and financial professionals will learn the foundational principles, processes, and skills required to work in collaborative practice. We will explain the role of each professional on the collaborative team, discuss the challenges and benefits of working collaboratively, and practice the skills needed to effectively engage with clients and professional team members.

This 2-day training (15 hours) meets the IACP standards for Introductory Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice Training and is the foundation course required by most interdisciplinary practice groups.

Advanced Skills Workshops

Curiosity, Neutrality & The Money Gene

This interactive and dynamic workshop will be most valuable to advanced practitioners, as we offer our teaching from a “lessons learned” perspective! Professionals and clients in the collaborative process bring their own histories, perspectives and emotions about money. It is often the “money conversations” that are the most difficult – even when they can seem like simple math problems to experienced professionals.

This workshop helps participants better understand how emotions and perspectives tied to “money” subtly and not-so-subtly impact the collaborative process. Interactive, interdisciplinary case work is incorporated to give practitioners a real-time experience of working with team members of varying skill and experience. This workshop will help you maximize the positive impacts of neutrality and advocacy while helping clients move forward with difficult money conversations to find resolution.

Topics include:


Money Styles: