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Transforming Conflict Through Insight

Advanced Conflict Skills for Collaborative Professionals and Mediators

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

About This Session

This 2-day advanced workshop will introduce conflict professionals to the "insight approach to conflict and mediation".  This leading edge approach views human behavioiur – and conflict behavior - to be fundamentally relational.  A relational approach views conflict as a response to how individuals interpret everyday interactions; interpretations that are embedded in dynamic and emergent social relations from which individuals make meaning and then act. Understanding conflict in this way will help mediation and conflict practitioners, mental health professionals, lawyers, and law enforcement officers to better intervene with clients embroiled in conflict.

The insight approach addresses conflict through a “learning lens” that engages conflicting parties in an interactive learning process where conflict is viewed as an interpretation of threats to deep level values.  These threats cause people to respond with “defend” patterns of interaction that generate, escalate and sustain conflict.  Helping conflicting parties understand more about what each other values and how it contributes to their actions assists them to seek new ways of interacting that are less threatening and more productive.

Session Cost

$700.00 CAD

Plus tax for Canadian Residents

Session Program

Participants in the workshop will learn about, and then practice, how to facilitate conflict resolution sessions aimed at relationship building and better outcomes by helping individuals talk about what matters to them and why, the meanings behind their actions, and their interpretations of each other’s actions -  not to prove “right and wrong” but to clarify interpretations about what lies behind each party’s actions. Discovering threats to what matters helps produce the curiosity needed to stimulate dialogue that will generate new insights; insights that will help parties discover more productive ways of interacting that will strengthen relations and reduce tensions.

Learning Goals

  • To provide participants with new ways of thinking about conflict that will enhance communication, collaboration and decision-making when helping others (and themselves) manage conflicts that occur in families, workplaces, and communities.
  • To introduce participants to insight mediation skills and strategies such as: deepening the learning conversation, exploring interpretation and meaning-making, linking and delinking threats and verifying insights.
  • To help participants advance and refine existing communication, conflict resolution and mediation strategies, and to develop new ones.

Session Accommodations

Participants will book their own accommodations. Charlottetown is a pretty and walkable city. We know it well, so if you want suggestions, just ask!

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Session Cost

$700.00 CAD

Plus tax for Canadian Residents

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Meet The Trainers

Jacinta Gallant, B.A. J.D. Collaborative Lawyer and Trainer

Prince Edward Island, Canada

Jacinta is a collaborative lawyer, mediator and trainer living in Prince Edward island, Canada. “Never cut what can be untied” is the inspiration for Jacinta’s work, and “untangling knots” has been the focus of Jacinta’s highly successful collaborative and mediation practice. Jacinta is an engaging and energetic trainer in the local, national and international Collaborative Practice community. She loves the challenge of working with experienced professionals who want to deepen their skills to be more natural and authentic in practice. With a great sense of humour and a highly interactive presentation, Jacinta offers collaborative training that will help you transform your practice.

Dr. Cheryl Picard Conflict and Mediation Specialist

Prince Edward Island, Canada

Dr. Cheryl Picard, professor emeritus Law and Legal Studies at Carleton University, is an educator, author, mediator, conflict specialist and coach. After retiring from Carleton in 2013, she returned to Prince Edward Island and now offers conflict services through Cheryl Picard & Associates. In addition to being a faculty member at Carleton, Dr. Picard taught courses at Columbia University; George Mason University; the Law University of Lithuania in Vilnius; Royal Roads University, and the University of Winnipeg. Over her almost 40 year career, she helped to establish university, community, school, restorative justice, church, and workplace conflict resolution and mediation programs in Canada, Cuba, Bermuda, and Trinidad and Tobago. Cheryl is the author of four books, the most recent, “Practicing Insight Mediation”, focuses on the skills of mediation and conflict resolution using the insight approach to conflict, which she co-founded in 2001. Dr. Picard was recognized by Family Mediation Canada with the FAMMA Award for exceptional contributions to the field, and the by Canadian Department of Peace Initiative for long-standing peace work.