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Summer Sessions for
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Introduction to the Insight Approach to Conflict:

Conflict Skills for Collaborative Practitioners and Mediators

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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Have you ever been stumped, and discouraged, by the continuing and sometimes escalating couple conflict at the collaborative or mediation table – despite your sincere efforts to help?   In this workshop, we will introduce the Insight Approach to Conflict Resolution, which teaches us to notice and respond to conflict behaviours rather than what the conflict is about. We will learn how to ask questions, and what to ask about, to unearth the threats that escalate and sustain conflict. Then we will focus on how to use what is learned to promote an authentic shift from conflict to collaboration, without forcing or faking it. This 2-day workshop will shift your perspective on conflict, and will help you be more insightful in your work. 

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$600.00 CAD

Plus tax

Session Program

We keep the participant number down to 32 so we can offer intensive and interactive training.  You will be supported, and challenged, through presentation, discussion, exercises, role plays and self-reflection.  We start at 8:30 am and finish at 4:30 pm each day.  Lunch is noon - 1:00 pm.

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Book your own accommodations in beatiful and walkable Charlottetown. If you are looking for suggestions, get in touch!

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Session Cost

$600.00 CAD

Plus tax

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Meet The Trainers

Jacinta Gallant, B.A. J.D. Collaborative Lawyer and Trainer

Prince Edward Island, Canada

Jacinta is a collaborative lawyer, mediator and trainer living in Prince Edward island, Canada. “Never cut what can be untied” is the inspiration for Jacinta’s work, and “untangling knots” has been the focus of Jacinta’s highly successful collaborative and mediation practice. Jacinta is an engaging and insightful trainer in the international Collaborative Practice community. She loves the challenge of working with experienced professionals who want to deepen their skills to be more natural and authentic in practice. Jacinta has had the privilege of mentorship with Dr. Cheryl Picard, the founder of Insight Mediation and has created workshops that will help you integrate the theories and practices of Insight into your work. With a great sense of humour and a highly interactive presentation, Jacinta offers collaborative training that will help you transform your practice.