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Cultivating Curiosity

Think about a professional situation in which you felt strongly about how things should go and your colleague or client thought things should go in the opposite direction.  “Should” is the operative word, here. Imagine putting your “should” out there – loud and proud!  Next – [...]

Curiosity and Questioning

Conflict resolution professionals need strong communication skills and deep insight in order to help our clients resolve conflict in a meaningful way. Asking questions is one of the vital communication skills in our conflict resolution toolbox. We ask questions to aid in understanding. We intend to be helpful and open, so when [...]

The Benefits of Curiosity

In family law negotiations, our clients often enter the process with feelings of hurt, anger and defensiveness. They can have a very narrow view of what is possible. Judgments and assumptions abound. Each member of the professional team brings tremendous knowledge and experience to the case. We need to be aware that we, just [...]